Why Great Lovers Make Great Leaders

As boring as cliches are, they tend to stick around because truth lies within. For example, the leadership cliche: "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care". It's boring, but it's true.

What better time than ValentinesDay to remember the necessity of love, not just in our romantic and family relationships, but also in our working relationships. The best practical definition of love I have ever come across is this: If you love someone, ask yourself everyday "What can I do to make this person's life better".

When people know that you love them (platonically or romantically), it changes everything. Working relationships are full of freedom and ease because they are full of grace and forgiveness. My heart and mind are open to feedback from someone who I know has a vested interest in my wellbeing in a way they are not when I don't think they really care.

But the key lies in the question "What can I DO...". People aren't mind readers. It is not enough to feel love for them. They need to see it in your actions. Through my career in sport, I have observed some of the top commercial directors in Great Britain. The best leaders have been the best lovers....in the sense that their employees knew they were cared for as people.

The photo below is a picture of me and my wheelchair racing husband Brent Lakatos. One of the benefits of being a sports broadcaster is that I get to double up as a trackside cheerleader! The pic was taken just after the 200m final at the London 2017 World Para Athletics Championships, where Brent took the gold by the width of a hair. When the racers crossed the line, no one knew who won, but I was bursting with pride because Brent gave the race and the audience everything he had. I always do my best to physically be there for Brent's moments. It is a practical and tangible way to show him I love him. We have now been married for 10+ years. We don't always get this love thing right, but we have our moments! And we are committed to keep trying!

Photo Credit Jodi Hanagan