How to make real change in 2015

Fad diets and quick fix fitness solutions promising unrealistic results can leave us hung up on what’s wrong with our bodies, rather than what’s right. For me, New Year’s resolutions should aim to make us happier, healthier, and more confident in our own skin. Here are my top tips for fighting the fad and making a meaningful change in 2015:


1. Work out a plan

Pick a challenging but realistic goal when it comes to healthy eating and exercise.  Phrase your goal in terms of what you want your body to be able to do, not how you want it to look.  And remember, for most females, cellulite is a fact of life, even for elite athletes.

2. Stay on track

Plan NOW for how you will deal with temptations and low motivation.  Are you struggling to make your 7am workout?  Bring a friend for accountability.  Do you struggle with mindless snacking? Remove convenience junk food from your home and work environments.  Smart planning trumps will power every time.

3. Play the long game

Your health is the sum total of your choices over the last week, the last month, and the last year.  The only changes worth making are those you can commit to long term.  So make the commitment, enjoy the journey to a healthier you, and eat cake once a week.