Stef Reid.


Stef is a Paralympic long jumper who competes for Great Britain. Stef is a five-time world record holder, reigning world champion (London 2017 long jump), and triple Paralympic medallist in the long jump (2016, 2012) and 200m sprint (2008). She has an honours degree in biochemistry, and away from the track works as a broadcaster, professional speaker, actor, and model. Stef was also a finalist on Celebrity MasterChef 2018!

Stef was born in New Zealand to a Scottish father and English mother, grew up in Toronto, and moved to Dallas, Texas with her Canadian husband all before settling back in the UK in 2010. Stef’s talent and passion for sport were spotted early, and at 12 she was already dreaming of playing rugby on the world stage. But at 15, Stef was involved in a boating accident, suffering severe propeller lacerations. Her life was saved but her right foot was amputated.

Stef’s focus shifted from her sports to her studies, and she graduated as valedictorian earning a full academic scholarship to Queen’s University in Canada to study biochemistry. While at Queen’s, Stef joined the university athletics team “just to see how fast she could still run.”  Upon graduation, Stef decided to put her plans of medical school aside and focus on her childhood dream of being a professional athlete.  

Stef trains at Loughborough University alongside her wheelchair racing husband, Brent Lakatos. Brent is also world record holder, seven-time Paralympic medallist, and seven-time world champion. Together the dynamic duo are working hard towards Tokyo 2020.

Rapid Fire with Stef

Favourite Book? “The Power of One” Bryce Courtenay

Celebrity crush? It’s a tie between Chris Hemsworth and Patrick Stewart

Most unusual job? I spent a year as a volunteer teacher in a maximum security prison

Favourite school subjects? Chemistry, Physical Education, and English

Perfect vacation? I would love to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro!

Style icon? Princess Kate - elegant and simple.

Proudest non-athletic achievement? Perfecting oatmeal chocolate chip cookies

Most inspiring athlete? Sister Madonna Buder, aka "The Iron Nun"

Favourite movie? Cool Runnings, Braveheart, and Anne of Green Gables

Best advice received? "Mistakes are ultimately unimportant if the purpose of the quest is adventure rather than certainty"

athletic achievements

  • 2018 European T64 Bronze Long Jump

  • 2017 World Champion T44 Long Jump

  • 2016 Paralympic Silver Medallist T44 Long jump

  • 2014 T44 European Long Jump Champion

  • 2012 Paralympic Silver Medallist T44 Long Jump

  • 2011 World Bronze Medallist T44/46 Long Jump

  • 2011 World Bronze Medallist T44 200m

  • 2008 Paralympic Bronze Medallist T44 200m

competition schedule



2018 season is finished....

2019 season is still in the works